We serve food that uses seasonal and locally sourced Kyoto vegetables,
in the warm and calm ambiance of a Kyoto machiya.
Enjoy your meal in surroundings that have been mindfully
created for you to relax in.


Specially selected ingredients

  • ローカルな食材を使って調理する郷土料理がイタリア料理の原点。イタリアンと和食の境界を超えた「美味しい料理」を目指し、京野菜をはじめ、生産者が丹精込めて育てた旬の素材が持つ香りや滋味を、丁寧に引き出すことを第一に考えています。

  • Obase makes delicious fusions of Italian and Japanese food. The base of good Italian cuisine is using locally sourced ingredients to make regional speciality dishes. We capture the flavours and the fragrances of Kyoto seasonal vegetables grown by local farmers who give great care and attention to quality.

  • 最もこだわる京都の地野菜は、コース料理を構成する上で中心ともなる食材。店主自ら畑に足を運んで、農家の人の声を聞く。新鮮な野菜を前に話すうちに、料理の新しいアイデアが浮かぶことも多い。出会った素材の美味しさやその魅力をお客様に伝えることも大切にしています。

  • Kyoto vegetables take centre stage in the creation of all our dishes. We go to the fields where they are grown and talk directly with the farmers. And it is often right there, at the very source of our favourite ingredients, where we come up with new ideas for our dishes. We cherish the opportunity to convey the taste and charm of Kyoto’s finest vegetables through our dishes for you to sample and enjoy.


Dine with your eyes

  • 色とりどりの四季の料理に合わせて、オリジナルの清水焼や選りすぐりの食器を使用しています。美しい彩りを、目でも楽しみながら味わってみてください。

  • In harmony with the beautiful gradation of colours that come with the transition of the seasons in Kyoto, we present all our dishes on elegant Kiyomizu tableware. Savour your meal with your eyes as well as your taste buds.


Every mouthful matters

  • 和の技法や調味料を取り入れ、イタリアンの枠にとらわれず、いい素材を前向きに使う。その時、その時の食材を一番おいしいと感じる調理法で、余計な手を加えず必要な手を施した無駄のない優しい味わいの一皿をお楽しみください。

  • We take the best parts from Italian and Japanese cuisine. We use all our knowledge of these cuisines and present the finest ingredients in the most beautiful way. We pluck the best ingredients at the best time of the season and create the most fitting dishes for them. We prepare them in such a way that produces a delicate taste reflecting their natural quality. Without unnecessary interference, we let the ingredients speak for themselves.

小長谷 英之

Hideyuki Obase (owner and chef)


Hideyuki developed his own style of cuisine after working
at Kyoto’s well respected high-end Italian restaurant Il Ghiottone Ristorante
and polishing his skills at Restaurant Yonemura.
He opened his own restaurant ‘Obase' in 2015.